Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 5- Mirror Reversal

Mirror Reversal 

Day 1
February 28th
The amount of information we got about the psych fair is pretty overwhelming. So far so good, Kelsey and I got this. Handout 11,12, and 15 are finished

Day 2
March 3rd
Kelsey and I started our background research. So far we are researching: spatial cognition, mirror reversal, perceptual frame of reference and object perception.

Day 3
March 4th
We are continuing our background research and finding experiments (SH 13)

Day 4
March 5th
I spent the whole class period reading the studies we found about the mirror reversals and wrote the summaries. I thought it was hard, but it was actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing.

Day 5
March 6th
All of SH 11-15 are done. We started doing SH 16 and 17. Our experiment is going to include any age groups and both genders. It does not need to be private. We are measuring time it takes to complete both mazes (with a stopwatch) and we do not have a control group.

Day 6
March 7th
Coming up with a booth tittle is hard. We can not think of anything catchy. Besides that we are working on our supplies and thinking about gathering everything.

Day 7
March 10th
We got all of our supplies taken care of and will have it all by March 17th.  We are working on finding a maze for our participants to do in the pysch fair.

Day 8
March 11th
We finished our rough draft and we are working on our booth backdrop. Our poster board will include the explanation of our experiment, but it will (hopefully) be colorful and grab the students' attention.  

Day 9 
March 12th
We are done with the students handouts! Now the whole project is coming together. We are starting to make the poster and we are looking for information to put on the board. Our goal is to make the poster colorful and make sure people are interested in our project.

Day 10
February 17th
We are finding interesting facts/info/pictures that we can put on the poster to make it look nice. That is our main goal for the next few days. Mr. V showed us how our project is going to work so now we are all done with our project, well except the poster.

Day 11
March 18th
We are printing out the final few things to put on our poster, otherwise we are done! Other than that,...we did not really do much.

Day 12
March 19th
Today is the parents night! Our poster is done and we have everything we need to do our experiment.

Day 13
March 20th
                                                            The set up of our project

Our project was a success! We got through almost 450 runs of our experiments.

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