Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 28 - Your iPod Controls your Mind

Day 1- Renée and I had a lot of stuff thrown at us today but we are very excited to be presenting our psychology project to our school. We intend to work very hard to make it really super AWESOME!! Our topic is based around reactions to different types of music.  We plan to totally psych you guys out.

Day 2- Renée isn't going to be here on Monday so it looks like I'm on my own for a little bit, but I'm not worried, Renée and I work very well together and trade off jobs easily. As of right now I have at least started every student handout except SH13 because I'm a little unclear of the instructions but Renée knows exactly what to do so I plan on asking her.

Day 3- so as it turns out, Renée is here on Monday!! :)  which is a big help to me because now i can get started on the handout  i was confused about.  another plus is that since shes here, a few questions that i wanted to ask her about our experiment can be answered.  such as if we should test the participants on groups or individually or if we need a power outlet (which we did so I'm glad i asked).  always make sure you get your partners phone number!! this way you can call each other or text about what to do for the experiment.

Day 4-  Today is going to be a very productive day for Renée and i because we still need to finish student handout 13 and create a thesis.  However, other than that we are pretty ahead of the game.

Day 5- As we are winding down on the work load for the week, Renée and I just have to finish student handout 13 (mostly me) and then we can work on the last 2 handouts that he hasn't even assigned yet.  this puts us largely ahead of the game and I'm really pleased with our progress. 

Day 6- Renée and I have finished all but one handout and that's the one I have to do (the rough draft for the full project) I plan to finish that this weekend and hand it in when we go back to school, then it's just buying the equipment and making the booth good :)

Day 7- Renée and I are all done with our project!!! Yay!!!! :)  all we have left to do is to make the poster which I have already bought. Today, we reviewed the music that we are gonna have our participants listen to and we turned in our rough draft and SH19 and SH20.

Day 8- Being done with all our worksheets puts us really ahead to work on the poster for Psych Fair :). Renée has some cute ideas to put mood rings and CDs on the table to catch the eyes of participants, we hope to get through around 100 people! That's a lot!!! Were both really really excited and hope that you guys like our experiment :). 

Day 9- All done!!! Yay! Renée and I still have a bit to do on the poster (pretty much me because I'm in charge of the poster.  There's only a few more components that need to be placed on :) then it's finished!!

Day 10- Well it's the day before the psych fair!!! Were both really excited.  Everything is done and we have a run through tonight with our parents.  I've go to run home and collect a little bit of material for us to use and then come back :) 

PSYCH FAIR! - so today is going really really well :) we've already had about 50 participants each!!!! One kid asked his friend "are you listening to people scream?" And his friend said "no,I'm listening to waterfalls" and he said "well i am" and later asked me to "make it stop" lol it was so tiny cuz his friend was laughing the entire time. That was the best part so far :) 

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