Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 10 - What Mood are you in?

Xavier Torres
Cody Mckay

For our experiment we are going to be testing if different lyrics change your perception of mood. We are going to bring in speakers and test in groups. We are coming down to our decision upon which songs we would like to play for the experiment.

Everything is running smoothly, except for the fact that I have not been keeping up with the blog. 

Last night Dakota and I went out and got our tri fold for our table, and we began deciding what to put on it picture and information wise.

We just decided we are going to play two songs half of each. 
 Song 1- Schoolboy Q - Man of the Year
 Song 2- Lana Del Rey- Summer Time Sadness

We are working out 18-20 in the packet.

 Working on 18-20 in the packet, and deciding what to put on our poster.

 Cody forgot our poster so we're picking pictures. Also discussing what to bring in for music playing.

 Everything is running smoothly, continuing from yesterdays poster/tri-fold progress.

Pysch fair was a success!
 We had many people come and test out our experiment. With all our data analyzed, we decided that our hypothesis was correct. Overall we had about 350-400 testees , and most of them said that different music lyrics does alter their mood but, we did have that 10% that stated that their mood did not change. Other than that, many people enjoyed our experiment and we had a fun time doing it.

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