Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 20 - Real? or Fake?

 2/28/14: We got assigned the fake hand experiment. We need to get a fake hand. We plan on our set up consisting of the fake hand, a person willing to participate, and a poster or card board acting as a divider between the fake and real hand. One of us will brush the fake hand with a brush, another one of us will brush the person's real hand on the other side of the divider, and the third person in our group will hit the fake hand to see if the person will flinch; since they would be thinking that the fake hand is their real hand.
Finished student handout 11, 12, 14.

 3/3/14: Finished handout 15

3/5/14: The three of us finished our student hand out 13. It took about the whole period, it wasn't hard to do. The handouts so far have been pretty easy, the longest handout was 13 because we had to find an article and read it. The rest of the handouts we usually completed more than one in one day.

3/6/14: We finished student handout 16 and 17. We are getting ready to find the fake hand.

3/7/14: We turned in our student hand outs 16 and 17. We are planning on getting a fake hand tonight, if not definitely this weekend.

3/10/14: We completed student handouts 19 and 20 in class. We will work on student handout 18 at home which is the rough draft. We will get the poster board tonight for class.

3/11/14: We turned in student handouts 18, 19, and 20. We have our tri-fold poster in class.

3/12/14: We made plans about working on our project over the weekend and we will go find a fake hand tomorrow (3/13/14).

3/13/14: Moe and Jordan went to buy the fake hand at Riley's Trick Shop then we went to Moe's house to test out the experiment on his family members. We had some problems with it but we will work on that. We started to plan out the poster.

3/17/14: We Started to work on the poster.

3/18/14: We finished the poster.

3/19/14: We're setting up for parent night. We will fix what needs to be fixed.

3/20/14: We're in our break at psych fair. Most of the participants have felt numbess and have flinched.

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