Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 15 - Music and Mood


Today we started going through the packet as a class to get a better understanding of what we need to work on next week. The work may seem a little overwhelming now, but we feel that once we have a better understanding of our actual project theme, it will get easier. We started looking up research and experiments done on music and mood, hopefully this will give us some ideas on what we want to do for the fair exactly.


Because we did a lot of explaining on Friday, we just started really getting to work today. We have been researching experiments done with mood and music to help us complete one of our first assignments. This is crucial because it gives us so much insight on our topic, and helps us create ideas for our future project.


Today we finished researching different experiments. We have a pretty good idea of where we want to go with our project, but as far as meeting deadlines goes, we are doing very well. We may start working ahead to get some things out of the way towards the end of the week. But overall, so far so good. Below is a video we watched that we found very interesting.


Today we began writing our summary paper on our research. We may have to work on some of it at home, but it seems like it wont be too hard to make some connections between the research and our project.


Today we began SH 16 that is due tomorrow. It's basically a step by step outline on what we will be doing for our project. We are starting to brain storm on what we need to do to make sure everything in our project is successful now, so we don't run into issues later.  We'll most likely start working on SH 17 tomorrow.


Today we did 2/3 SH that are due on Tuesday. We are deciding exactly what we want our poster to look like. We want to do something neat and organized that also attracts people.


Today we finished up SH 18 19 and 20. Now we have some time to start planning out our poster. We just need to decide exactly what research we want to put on it and how it will grab peoples attention.


Today we planned out our poster and materials. We are going to need to buy headphones and sanitary wipes so materials wont be too expensive. We are going to start working on our poster this weekend so we arent too stressed during our big week next week.


Today I worked on the poster at home, while Kevin and Danielle worked on planning out the last supplies we need.


Today we finished up our poster, our booth is pretty much ready to go. We just need to go get some smaller supplies tonight like candy. But we feel well prepared.

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