Friday, February 28, 2014

group 11 - Obidence to Authority

2/28/14 - Our project will be exploring the concept obedience to authority. We hope you enjoy. :3


13:27- We're not really sure exactly what our project will be, but we're working on it. 

13:35-We're thinking that we'll just tell the participants to do silly things and then asking why they did so afterward. As the students working as the experimenters, we would be a sort of 'authority'. We are beginning the research on our topic, including articles about the Milgram Experiment. Information about it will most likely be included in our visual display. 

Day 3:

13:24-  We are completing sections 11-15 in our project packet. Fun, fun, fuun, fnu, ffn, ffffffnnn, nnnnnn...
The packet includes questions that will help us in creating our project.

13:45- We're continuing to look for information and examples on obedience to authority. We could possible use examples of obedience used in masses to explain just how much influence and authority can have. Here is an example with the Nuremberg Trials.

Day 4:

13:44- The Nuremberg Trials could be important information since it is an excellent example of what influence authority can have. (more information on trials here). Other dictators of WWII also seem to have had an immense amount of influence on their country by authority. (the NKVD, led by Josef Stalin, and the OVRA, led by Benito Mussolini). Also, we are sure about what we are doing as an experiment. :D

Day 5: 

13:42 We have chosen what we are doing for our research. We will be telling participants to do certain actions that could possibly be described as going against social norms, but not to the point that it becomes embarrassing. 

Day 6:

13:35- We have to finish parts 19-21 in our packets be the end of today. We also have to start planning on what the poster will be designed. It has to be one of those giant Elmer tri-fold posters. I will probably end up over-doing it and adding fancy borders and colorful, completely unnecessary decorations...kind of like what I've done to this blog...

13:47- Continuing to work on the packet. We've also come to the conclusion that we must have food of some kind at our table. It's not required for our experiment, but free food means more people will be willing to try our experiment. It's like we're rewarding them for participating. It's like our project is Obedience to Authority and Positive Reinforcement at the same time!

Day 7:
13:24- Psych Fair is in a week?!

It seems like yesterday when we had almost a month! 

(deep breaths) Anyway, as mentioned several times before, our project is about Obedience to Authority. For our experiment, we will be commanding participants to do certain actions that are out-of ordinary-behaviors, but not to the point were it becomes humiliating. (a member suggested twerking,  but no one wants to see that ಠ_ಠ)

14:00- Tomorrow, we will be further discussing what will be on our poster. 

Day 8:

 13:19- Today, we are designing our poster. Fortunately, we will not need to worry about supplies for our experiment (with the exception of candy for rewards/bribes).  ◕ ‿‿ ◕

Day 9:

13:42- We have our our poster in the classroom, but we have not begun to decorate it yet. We are continuing to plan out what it will look like. I drew cats on the outside of the tri-fold so we can distinguish ours from the other posters quicker. 

14:05- We will begin looking for supplies and information for the poster. 

Middle section-

  • Includes information about Obedience to Authority
  • Information about our experiment
  • Title, Obedience to Authority (unless we can think of a more clever name)
  • Names
Left section-

  • Booth number 
  • Research question
  • Summary, background research
Right section-
  • More information of the topic
  • Milgram experiment 
  • More information, possibly the Nuremberg Trials
All sections will include visuals, could include cartoon, puzzles, quizzes, etc.

Day 10:

Psych fair is in few days! We're finally working on our poster, typing up the information that will be on it.

Day 11:

We're still working on the poster. We need to have it done by the end of class tomorrow. Our teacher wants us to take brief videos of our progress, but I don't think we will be doing that. 

Day 12:

17:20- Psych Fair!!!

Are we even supposed to be updating our blogs anymore? I don't know!

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