Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 12 - How good is your memory?

Day 1: My partner Kyle  and I were assigned to conduct a memory experiment.  We began completing hand- out 11, 12, and 14.  We got off to a good start and we have continued through today to almost be half way done.  Since we only have 2 people, we both just worked on each hand-out simultaneously, and most of them were completed quickly.

Day 2: We began searching for experiments to talk about in hand-out 13.  We then talked about what exactly we planned to do during our experiment to properly demonstrate memory capabilities in various conditions.

Day 3: We worked on several worksheets the entire class period.

Day 4: My partner was gone so I tried to complete the assignments on my own, but was unable to get one of the sheets done, so we lost a few points for late work.

Day 5: We discussed specifically what our experiment would consist of.  Basically, we will read a list of words to a subject ad ask them to recite them as well as they can.  Then we will play music in the background as they try to remember another group listing.  We will also tell them that if they memorize the next list they will get a jolly rancher as a reward, and we will see how they perform.   And finally we will let them smell rosemary or lavender while trying to remember another list.  We will compare results and determine whether certain smells or music allow for better or worse memory.

Day 6: We worked on hand-outs 16 and 17, which were simple and easy, and then we began hand-out 19

Day 7: As Kyle completed 19, I worked on completing hand-out 18 and 20.  Everything is coming along nicely with no problems.  We decided that i will supply headphones for the music and wipes to clean them, while Kyle will take care of a poster and jolly ranchers.

Day 8: We completed the last of the worksheets, and began with a basic design for the poster.

Day 9: All we have left to complete is final touches on the ideas of the experiment and finish the poster, but the markers i brought do not show up on the poster, so we will have to wait another day.

Day 10:  I brought more markers that were erasable on the poster, so i thought we would have to wait again, but we figured out that Mr. V had markers and glue, so we nearly completed the poster.

Day 11: We entirely finished the poster and its looking great and now all we need is pictures to attract people our booth

Psych fair night for parents: The overall parent psych fair night went smoothly with no problems, and we feel we are ready for the actual psych fair.

Psych fair: In the end, the day was long and tiresome, but entertaining.  We got good results to analyze and prove or disprove our hypothesis that music and rewards will help memory.  Kyle and I handled the work load pretty evenly, as we each talked to the students and wrote data down.  The entire two week process came together nicely with few problems.

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