Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 2 - Shwasted Scooters

February 28, 2014- Got all the handouts done except 13 and 14. #Ballin

March 3, 2014- Working hard on SH 13 and 14. We got done 11, 12, and 15 on Friday! #TeamWork

March 4, 2014- Finished all our psych studies. Now all we have to do is make our hypothesis #WoopWoop

March 5, 2014- Today we finished all the handouts #AheadOfTheGame

March 6, 2014- Got SH 16 and SH 17 done early #Kobe

March 7, 2014- Got SH 19 and 20 done. Working on rough draft on monday #YayIt'sFridayBetch

March 10, 2014- We got all of our handouts done. We are all up to date on everything. We are going to bring our trifold in tomorrow and work on some fun ideas for that to make it look good! #Yay

March 11, 2014- We are working on our poster now! Still on task #PsyyyyyyychFoLife

March 12, 2014- Jill was absent but Nate sent me a lot of pictures that were helpful for our poster #CanIGetAHotTub

March 17, 2014- Working on our poster. We are almost done #Schwasted

March 18, 2014- Nate isnt here, but Jill finished up the poster #OneManTeam

March 19, 2014- We finished the poster and we are all ready for psych fair tonight #SmellsLikeAnAPlus

March 20, 2014- Psych Fair was fun! We had a lot of people do our experiment and we got lots of records and information. We had a lot of people check in and just an overall successful day #ChipotleForDays

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  1. WOW UR BLOG IS SO GREAT I'M BLOWN AWAY. Who's that girl with the blanket


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