Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 14 - How horror movies affect your blood pressure

Horror Movies: A Silent Killer

This project is a little confusing for me and my partner. We are having a hard time finding experiments to summarize. Finally we found 3 but I would suggest looking up studies by changing the topic you look up (ex: fear studies to studies of fears) it helped out a lot.

3/4/14 Today we decided that are experiment is going to be on fear and how there blood pressure would rise. We are going to take their blood pressure before they and then we will make them watch a clip from a scary movie( yet to be decided) and then right after take their blood pressure again.

3/5/14 We started our summarizing project background research. It was a difficult process to get the information that we needed but we eventually found it and we are going to put it into paragraph form tomorrow during class.

3/6/14 We finished the packet pages and we started the next pages that are due tomorrow. It took a while but we got it done.

3/7/14 We finished the pages 16 and 17. We also figured out how we are going to do our experiment. We decided that we are going to put the computer with the clip in a dark corner to try to make the effect of a movie theater. We are also going to face the computer away from the crowd so they cant see what is going on during the movie. If it was it would ruin the experiment's data. So far, so good!

3/10/14 We made our shopping list for our booth. They things that we need to buy include: a 3-fold poster, sanitize wipes(for the head phones), and candy(they're teenagers...come on)! We also just finished our rough draft from the packet.

3/11/14 Today we turned in the last handouts(18,19 &20) We also bought our 3 fold poster board which we got in black to go with our experiment.

3/16/14 Over the four day weekend I finished the poster board and started printing out the things we need on our poster. We also decided to use the color combo of black, gold and red so  Our poster pops! I also decided to use a unique font to make it look creepy.

3/17/14 I put a few more pictures and visuals on my poster and i made a spread sheet for my data. I would suggest to make short quizzes that the participants can do wail they are waiting their turn. some thing like "how well do you know scary movies?" and then do a description of the movie and the movie name on the back. you can also do it with different phobias or fears.

Day before psych fair: I set up my booth near an outlet so the blood pressure monitor can be plugged in. I also decided on using the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre clip (5/5) because it was the only clip i could find that a of of people have not seen and it was scary enough for most people.

Day of Psych Fair: First period i noticed that sometimes the blood pressure monitor would not work if someone had a sweat shirt or a really thick shirt on. Also it is really hot in the PAC with the sun and black shirts. First period I only got to 10 people but a lot of people just stood around and did not go to booths at all. I need around 150-100 people so i have to try to get people to do my experiment, even though it takes a long time to do. 2nd hour I had some issues with the blood pressure monitor working but i just had to redo some participants blood pressure. I am not getting a lot of people because the experiment takes too long and they have to wait a long time in line. If i had to change something i would have changed how long it takes to do the experiment because it is affecting how many people I am getting. I have noticed that a lot of people's blood pressure is going down but a few people's have gone up.  I do not know if I will get to 150 people today but I will try to get to at least 100 or more.

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