Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 16 - Eyewitnesses Accuracy

Friday, feb. 28, 2014
Started our project today! Finally decided on a topic and got started right away! Our topic is on Memory. Specifically, how accurate eyewitnesses can recall information in court. We plan on creating a short scene of a crime and then asking participants a number of questions to recall from the scene, to determine the accuracy. Our group feels that this project will be tons of fun and simple enough to finish on time!

Monday, march 3, 2014
We are right on track with our assignments that are due this week! Our final thesis is "Eyewitnesses can be inaccurate because of false memories."

Tuesday, march 4, 2014
We are just finishing filling out all of our worksheets that are due. We feel as though it is just busy work right now. Our group is ready to actually begin our project and coming up with our displays.

Wednesday, march 5, 2014
We are just about finished with whats due tomorrow. A little bored at this point because of all this busy work.

Thursday, march 6, 2014
Today, I, Shannon, was absent and my group finished most of what we needed to finish besides one paragraph we forgot. Still very simple and easy enough.

Friday, march 7, 2014
Now, we just need to decide all of our supplies needed for the actual project and the cost. This may be the difficult part putting it all together.

Monday, march 10, 2014
We have decided on most of our supplies. We decided on using a laptop to have our participants view our video and then have a printed out survey for them to take afterward. Our only issue is trying to find an appropriate video to show to students. We want to make sure everything turns out smoothly and organized. Now, we are stressed a bit that the psych fair will be next week already.

Tuesday, march 11, 2014
Today is the last day of worksheet assignments. Now we are ready to begin our actual project and forming every step. We need to be sure it is organized and effective.

Wednesday, march 12, 2014
We are supposed to be working on our poster board back drop today, but one person is missing from the group. She said she would get the poster and work on it at home, but now she is not here. We will just think of the layout for it right now.

Monday, march 17, 2014
Today we have finally finished everything, but our poster board. It was hard to find a video to analyze on youtube, but we finally found the perfect one!
Now we just need mr. vuillame to print out our handouts of the survey! and waaaa laaa!

Tuesday, march 18, 2014
We just finished our poster board today in class and it looks great!

Wednesday, march 19, 2014
Tonight is when we get to test our project on the parents to make sure everything runs smoothly. We're kind of nervous about it, but it will be a lot of fun in the long run!

Thursday, march 20, 2014
Finally the day of the psych fair!! let the fun begin!

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