Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 19 - Are you Anxious?

Day One: Welcome to our blog for Psych Fair! We are both very excited to be participating in this and sharing our personal experiences with you via pictures, stories, and possibly some videos as well. Today is the first day of our project and so far all we know about it is that we are doing an experiment that deals with anxiety. Some questions we could eventually answer are: What makes people anxious? How much does fear play into anxiety? How do people develop anxiety? and How can people conquer it? Hopefully this project will allow us to answer some of those questions. Our experiment will be something to do with taking peoples cell phones, seeing their reactions, observing their anxiety levels and so on. We are not really sure how we will be doing this, or weather or not we want to take it without them noticing, or just straight up ask them for it. The hardest part right now for me personally is trying to figure out how to be organized because our teacher explained everything more in depth today and it seems really overwhelming. We have four sheets that we have to fill out by March 6th and I feel like I wont have time to do them all because i'm busy with other classes so this will be interesting how it works out. It probably doesn't help that a lot of things are still up in the air with our topic, but I guess it'll work itself out. It's day one and I am already ready to fast forward to the part where we collect data and get out of class! Haha. Wish us luck! :)

Day two: Today my partner is back, so we got through every worksheet assigned expect two of them which is fantastic because all of them are not due until this Thursday and it's only Monday!! The worksheets were a lot easier than expected and if we were confused or needed help our teacher was there so it was pretty painless. I personally feel a lot better since were kind of ahead of the rest of the class. Also our experiment is not as difficult as anticipated there are a lot of articles about it to help us as well. Were making some great progress!!

Day Three:  We are now realizing that the "paper" we had to write inst really a paper but only two paragraphs and it is my partners job to write it. We already found the three articles we needed to complete it as well so it will be a lot easier for her to write it. Shes working on that today, and I have completed the last two worksheets that were assigned to us last Friday. We are still ahead of everyone and are going to have two free days that we will probably use to get even more ahead if that is possible otherwise we will just take them to relax a bit :) The worksheets so far have been fairly easy to fill out and our teacher has still been very helpful, even with all the stupid questions I've been asking lately! We are happy to be this far ahead of the rest of our class it is definitely a feeling of accomplishment!

Day Four: Alright, tomorrow all the sheets we have been working on for the first half of the project are due tomorrow and we are still ahead as we have been all week, which makes us very happy people! My partner is finishing up the 2nd paragraph that we had to type out about what exactly our project is and the studies we had to look up, shes almost done. We have the rest of the period to just relax now! Tomorrow our teacher is going to explain the next half of the project, so nothing left to do for now.

Day 5:  Today is Friday and we have already successfully finished all the other work pages assigned to us that are due Monday. They we were assigned yesterday so we are still doing really good with staying ahead of things. It is also very easy to stay ahead because we get class time to do this so we never have homework! We also finished all our work so Monday will be a free day again which is really nice since no one wants to actually do work on a Monday. Next step is to begin making our tri-fold poster thing, but were creative people so that will be fun for us.

Day 6: We are proud to announce that we are still ahead of the game, and it feels amazing to be so prepared. Our teacher wasn't kidding when he said this will be painless. I didn't believe him at first, but so far it really has been which is nice. We don't get homework for the project which makes this assignment virtually not stressful at all! It's been a breeze so far I hope it stays like this.

Day 7: Today we have our poster board that we bought from target yesterday, and we bought a lot of neon things to make it look awesome so were really excited. We had some trouble though, the poster blew away in the wind and we had to look like idiots running after a tri-fold in the target parking lot. We are currently taping things onto our poster tri-fold and when we ware done with it we will upload a picture for you guys to see! We bought some foam circle things so we can make our tri-fold look like an Iphone as well and we are still up to date with all the work sheets. Now we get a nice relaxing four day weekend!

Day 8: We have discussed our layout and know exactly how were going to set it up. We got some light up stars, lots of circles, old cell phones, and some awesome-sauce information that will really knock your socks off! Our poster bored is very bright, more like neon pink, blue and green, but it is sure to grab everyone's attention. Psych-fair in two days wish us luck!

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