Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Group 21 - Stroop Booth

Project: Strooping Effect

Day One: 2/28

Today, we've been assigned our project, the "Stroop Effect", and have began discussion and decisions on Student Handout 11. With one of our group out today, it's a bit difficult but we are definitely managing. With the amount given to us today, deciding where to start is a bit of a complicated notion. We've decided to focus on the experimental part of the project, the visuals in essence. We were bouncing off the ideas of the colors and the possibility of more, including other fundamentals? We're intrigued.

Day Two: 3/3

A brand new day provided renewed energy to tackle the Student Handouts. It proved to be a bit of a challenge for the split up of responsibilities in Student Handout 11, but we dispersed the jobs evenly and fairly. Student Handout 12 highlighted new information about our project that we didn't exactly begin to think about, but got it down to a point. The Stroop Effect is a mind game where colors are spelled out and shaded in another color, challenging the visual stimulation and whether or not the stimuli will affect the way we read it.

Day Three: 3/4

The most challenging of the Handouts was decidedly 13 as by far, finding the studies and combining them proved to be a bit frustrating. All in all, it's working out through the couple bumps in the road. The last of the handouts proved to be a memory reminder, refreshing information we didn't really remember but no doubt learned in Biology. Independent variables, dependent variables; all we had inclinations of what it was but had our doubts. Confusion arose on our approach on the experiment. Whether colors and words and words and colors, it was a lot to process. We identified most, grabbing the metaphorical bull(s) by the horns and got a lot of progress done today.


Without much too do with most our duties fulfilled and our group back in action, we worked on a table we'll be using during Psych Fair. The table will record both errors and number correct in both trials given to our subject, not to mention the time in the available minute we give them to identify all 10 words. Otherwise the day was uneventful with not much to do but discuss and get ready for next week.


Today we discussed the directions we'd be giving on both the trial test on our parents Wednesday as well as Thursday on the school. The main function going down in our heads were easy to nitpick what to say, whether or not it actually comes out that way when we test it out is a mystery. Tomorrow, we'll work more with our poster and get all that needs to be done, preferably.


Finished with the greater some of our experiment, we've reflected on our duties we'd have to either overcome or no doubt exhibit tomorrow night. Instructions are a focus, what to say and when to say it, but complicated in logistical sense. We're a bit nervous in respects for tomorrow night and Thursday for the fair, but sure to make it. Also, tip of the day from Christina: Don't leave a water bottle unattended.


Today our challenge was to set up our poster, the stapler proving to be a worthy obstacle. Colors were very much involved and it bought our group, speaking for myself mostly, a sense of excitement for what is to come. A little short on time in the end, we scrambled to finish the board but our spirits not discouraged. 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Group 9 - Ether the Void

heyyoo today our group found out our topic for the psychology fair is optical illusions! so we are still just starting out and getting organized. Our group today went over the different student handouts and determined who will being doing what in our group to make things easier. I will be doing the blog and each of us three will be finding a psychological study done on optical illusions to use it towards our research for our project. Leticia just started to find hers today and Nick did student handout 11 and I am about to start student handout 12 which is finding the psychological studies found by others which we are hoping to have done by Monday. Leaving us to only have number 2 on the student handout 13 and 14, and 15 to start working on Monday in class.

Today we finished student handout 11 and 12 and now we are all working on finding an experiment that has to deal with optical illusions and filling out the information they used on the experiment. Then Nick is going to type up the summary that will show our work and talk about what we are going to do for a psych fair project and the information we found from our research of different experiments used in optical illusions.

Today we are still working on student hand out 13 and finding different studies relating to our topic of optical illusions. We are all almost done finding each study leaving Nick to type up step number 2 of hand out 13 then tomorrow we will most likely be starting student hand out 14. Me and Leticia will most likely work on student handout 14 together.3/5/14
Today we finished up on handout 14 and finished handout 13 last night leaving us with only having to find the variables of our experiment. We also formed our thesis statement on handout 14 which was that there are a dominant perception in optical illusions. Then tomorrow we will start handouts 16 and 17.

Today we are filling out handouts 16 and 17 because we finished handouts 11-15 early yesterday. We are also figuring out what optical illusion we are going to use during our experiment which will most likely be figure ground illusions. We plan on having different pictures of optical illusions having participants take a survey on what images they perceive.

Our group today finished handouts 16 and 17 earlier today and now we are doing handout 19 and trying to think of a name for our booth. And plan on buying the trifold poster this weekend and bringing it Monday or Tuesday.  And most likely we will put the optical illusions on the poster with one main optical illusion for the participant to survey.

Our group today finished handouts 19 and 20 and are almost done with handout 18 with describing our activities and explaining our hypothesis. We are hoping to also have our trifold poster by tomorrow and begin deciding which illusion we want to use.

Today we finished up our last handout which was handout 18 and renamed our booth title to Enter the Void instead of What do you see? I bought the trifold poster last night and I am bringing it tomorrow to school to begin organizing the design of the poster. And we also began looking at different fore-ground images that we could use for our experiment.

Today we finished are questions that we are going to ask the participants during our experiments on the QR. We also brought in our trifold poster board today and have started deciding where we are going to put our information and images. We found 3 images also that we are going to use as our foreground images that we are going to test the participants on.

Today we are working on our poster and figuring out where we should put different images and what kind of facts we need to put on it. We printed out our main images that we are going to test participants on and plan on printing out the facts and our hypothesis tonight.

Today we are just putting everything on the poster and organizing it how we want then tonight Nick is printing out our hypothesis and information that we need on it. He plans on putting all of that on tomorrow in class then me and Lety are going to just fix anything that needs to fixed up on the poster.

heewoo so today we finished making our poster by putting all of the facts and directions to make our experiment possible. We have candy also for the participants and we are all ready for psych fair. #freuditup

Soo0o0o0o0o0o today is psych fair and things are going pretty well we are getting a lot of participants which is probably because of our candy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Group 13 - Duck Buddies

3/4/14 - Today we configured the details to our experiment for Competition vs. Cooperation. Our experiment consists of two bins full of water and rubber ducks. None of the ducks in the water squeak except for one. The challenge is to find the duck that squeaks as fast as possible while blindfolded. In the first sequence of the experiment, there will be two competitors. Each competitor will have their own bin of ducks to search through while blindfolded. The object is to get a faster time than the opponent. This sequence represents a game with competitive qualities. In the second sequence, the person with the best time will remain blindfolded while the loser takes their blindfold off. The losing person will now help direct the blindfolded person to find the duck that squeaks (which will be visually distinguishable from the non-squeaking ducks). This sequence of the experiment exerts cooperative qualities using two people that were once competitors. The winning time from the competitive sequence will then be compared to the time it took for the cooperative task to be completed in order to see whether competition or cooperation garners more success.

3/7/14 - Today we figured out how many trials we need to do in order to get our sufficient amount of experiment participants. We gathered together what materials we need and how we will obtain them. We tried to figure out the name of our booth but we couldn't think of anything clever just yet.

3/10/14 - Today we brainstormed on the name of the experiment. We decided to make a pun on "The Trucking Game" experiment in psychology and call our booth "The Duck-ing Game". We're so funny it's insane. We also discussed the materials that we would need and we actually figured out where we need to go to get these items. We decided that we'll all make a trip together to Wal-Mart, Five Below & Party City to get everything we need for the experiment which includes things such as the rubber ducks (Obviously), gallons of water, and large bins to contain everything in. I also drew the diagram for our experiment and it looked absolutely atrocious because I'm not an artist, but I don't think it matters too much. We also took a picture that none of us were ready for. We'll look better tomorrow. We promise.

3/17/14 - Over the long weekend, Natalie, Diana & I went to a bunch of stores to get our materials. We decided to go with a little bit of a different plan for our experiment. Instead of having all ducks in the water and having one that squeaks, we picked up 2 packs of assorted floating animals. Instead, we will tell the test subjects to find a specific animal on each trial. With our new plan, we also came up with a new name for the booth, "Duck Buddies." Today we worked on our poster board for the project as well.

3/18/14 - Today we mostly worked on our poster board. We finished up the titles at the top and we began printing out pictures of the animal bath toys that we're using in our experiment. We still have a lot of work to do.

3/19/14 - Today we met in the mezzanine during our lunch period to print some things out for the poster. We ended up printing out the rules, experiment explanation, directions for the experiment, cartoon riddles and some more visuals. We actually got a lot accomplished during just one hour, and we still have all of next hour to work on our poster board as well!

group 26 - Monocular Mario

So today (3/19/14) kyle has the poster done but he left it at his house. he checked and his N64 does work so we will be in business tomorrow. lets hope things go smoothly tomorrow.

so today (3/20/14) is the big day and so far no problems we are finding out that two eyes are working better then one eye. A few times today one eye has done better then both eyes. I'm still confused on how to upload videos and pictures. But i will figure it out. so far im suprised that a girl has the best time of the day
    So far my group is having a blast doing this because the experiment we are doing is fun. From what i have been seeing people are having fun doing this experiment. It is also fun to see some of the reactions of people doing our experiment. The one big problem we have been seeing is that we are having a big crowed around and its just confusing who is up next. AS the day went on we got more bored.

group 29 - Total Sense Recall


1.a run of three different sense and memory test: hearing, touch, and taste.

I want to see which one participants will remember the most accurately.

I haven't gotten very far in my experiment, but I'm excited to do the research.
I hope people find it interesting.
I was debating about making it into a competition at the end.
and look at the characteristics of the winner
ask them their method of memorization.

, but I guess I'll just have to think about the pros and cons of a competition for part of the experiment.

I have to get my research articles together. I'm thinking of getting one article on each sense and how well people often memorize them. Then a fourth article on which methods people use most to memorize each and how effective they are.


I should have some lay outs for analysis questions for each type of test that's going to be run. I decided that it's not going to be a competition due to the fact that it would probably make the stakes higher for each participant. I need to make sure the participants don't feel pressured in any way in order for the tests to run more easy.

I will also put the descriptions of each test a bit more in detail later.
I still have to do some case study analyses, but those should be finished by Wednesday hopefully.


gotta go buy some suckers an pick out a stick to poke people with. and create a list for both touch and hearing.


still gotta get those articles and plot the steps to each test. I also have to but all the suckers, the poking stick, and a fair poster.  I should be done by the end of tomorrow for sure.

psych fair is fun.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Group 24 - Movies, Music, and Moods


Hi! Today was the first day looking deeper into our topic/experiment, my experiment consists of music and movies and how they change the mood of someone while watching the movies. For example, in a movie a woman could be at a fancy dinner for her anniversary with her lover and suddenly dramatic music kicks in and the viewers went from happy to scared or surprised just because of the music. I do not know too much information on why music changes the mood of a viewer, so my partner and I are interested in learning more. Hopefully the work doesn't become overwhelming for the two of us!


Finally, my partner and I started organizing our information and started to research specifically why music is put into movies. We found out that music is often used to direct viewers emotional response, catch ones attention, and to help intensify and help the audience feel what the actors are feeling. Also, while listening to music, the part of the brain that releases dopamine and serotonin during pleasurable activities, is activated while music is playing. You would think it would be difficult to get all of this work done between two partners, but we are getting a lot of it done and divided equally.


Today we finished our pages they are suppose to be due on Thursday, now we are going to start finding 3 psychology studies that relate to our music, movie experiment. By finding these 3 studies, it will help us understand more about our topic and we can use these later when writing about our background research. My partner and I also divided up the work for this psychology fair project. For example, we divided up who will research or review the literature of our topic, the rough draft, who will come up with the creation of activities, the ideas for visual display, assembling of materials, booth set-up, clean-up, and the final paper, which I mentioned earlier in this blog. The work for this psychology fair is pretty easy so far!


In my blog yesterday, I mentioned my partner and I started to research 3 studies that will help us understand more about our topic and when we write about our background research. In class, we found study's that were done at the University of Missouri on an online website. On the website it explained in the Journal of Consumer Research, a study was found that people who are going through break-ups or having relationship problems prefer music and experiences that reflect their negative and sad mood. The one study showed that the preference for sad music was higher when people were going through the loss of a friend or disappointed in their self. Another study showed when people were presented with frustrating situations and were asked to rate angry music versus joyful music, participants liked angry music more when they were frustrated by interpersonal experiences than impersonal problems. For example, losing a friendship versus not having a cell phone charger. A couple other studies were explained on the website as well that explained how happy music increased a persons happiness. I believe this website and the articles on it, really helped with explaining mood relating to music and social situations! 


In class, we were introduced the next steps for our experiment. My partner and I needed to decide if we wanted required characteristics for our participants. We want to survey all students, freshman through seniors, and we wanted to survey both, boys and girls. Our participants will be tested in groups of three and it does not matter if others watch while this survey is being preformed because our participants are going to have headphones in and we are measuring a persons mood, so every participants reactions/moods can be different. To measure the participants moods, we are going to use a scale 1 through 10. 1 is going to be sad and 10 is going to be happy. This survey will take about 2 minutes for each participants to fill out as well.


By the end of the class period, we need to have handouts 16 and 17 done. Yesterday we finished handout 16, which talked about the characteristics of our participants and how we will measure their moods. On handout 17, we needed to create a hypothesis. Our hypothesis is that the participants mood will alter specifically to each movie they watch. We also needed to make sure our background information is available to us, we have access to materials if we need to make a request for them, we will have enough time for our 200+ trials, and etc. Everything for our experiment is falling into place!  


After returning from the weekend, it was time to start working on our experiment! In class we needed to start our rough draft. The rough draft is a preview of our knowledge about our experiment and it is suppose to explain certain psychological research or studies that relate to our topic of how music in movies affects a viewers mood. Also, we needed to list the materials we are going to need to preform our experiment and how we are going to set it up. My partner and I believe it is going to be better for our participants if we isolated them behind a temporary wall while watching the movie clips. We also need to start working on our presentation poster!


Today my partner and I started to look for graphs and pictures to put onto our poster board. We thought it would be a creative idea to put pictures relating to our title onto the board. For example, under mood we put the theatrical happy and sad faces. A lot of the graphs we found online also help explain how music affects a persons mood, which is going to help our participants understand our experiment visually.


Continuing on our poster, in class we looked for more pictures that relate to our experiment and graphs. On the poster, we have our title and a couple pictures up. We need to gather a couple points of information to add to our poster. My partner and I also discussed what movie clips we are going to show to our participants. One possible example is the ending scene in Titanic, which would be the sad clip and the happy clip may possibly be from the movie 500 Days of Summer. The experiment is coming together!


In class, my partner and I are still working on our poster. We decided to put two questions on our poster that will have bullet points of information under them. One of the questions will be, "How does music relate to mood?" and the other questions will be, "How does music affect a movie scene and a viewers emotion?". These two questions answer the basic information for our experiment. We will continue to research and take information we already have and put it into bullet points for these two questions.


For our poster, we decided to put two questions on it that I stated in our blog yesterday. Today we created the bullet points for this poster. For example, under the question " How does music affect a movie scene and a viewers emotion?", we explained that in the 2007 horror Paranormal Activity, audiences reported really high fear levels even though there was barely any action onscreen. It is believed this was caused by the use of low frequency sound waves. Also another bullet point explains that regions of the brain that light up with music are those linked to euphoric stimuli such as food, sex and drugs. After we put the bullet points onto this poster, we need a couple more materials for our participants and we will be ready to pull off our experiment. 


Finally, my partner and I finished out poster! Tonight we are going to set up our booth and have our parents come to school to test out our experiments. Our parents coming to test our experiments will help all of the psychology fair students fix the mistakes and little bumps in our experiments. My partner and I are excited to introduce out  experiment to our our fellow students in the psychology fair tomorrow. It will be a great oppurtunity to see what we have learn and see if our experiment was worth while.


Today was the day of the psychology fair! It was a very long day to say the least, but it was a fun experience and I believe my partner and I were very pleased on how many students wanted to try out our experiment. I would say we had about 200 participants throughout the day, but a alot of them did not use the QR code scanners. My partner and I would love to preform an experiment in the psycology fair again!

Group 8 - Apples to Onions

pu3/3- Finished student handout 12 and 15
3/4- What is good my fellow psych lovers?! Today we were very determined and worked very very hard on handouts 11 and 13! can't wait to work again tomorrow!
3/5- Greetings my psych homies! We have completed all the worksheets that are due tomorrow! Our experiment is looking great and is coming together perfectly. We will definitely be fooling the participants with out odor perception experient! Can't wait for you all to jump on board the psych train during psych fair!
3/6 "Ogres are like onions" (Shrek) Today we have changed our experiment to make it a little more exciting for not only us but for the participants! We are ahead of the game and have finished both handouts 16 + 17 and are getting started on 18,19,+ 20! An apple🍎 a day keeps the doctor away (just a little hint)

3/10 We have finished handouts 18,19,&20! We have also discussed who is going to the store and buying our supplies! Tomorrow we will be working on  our poster board!

3/11 Today we didn't have much to do! we thought of things to put up on the poster board but that was it! 

3/12 All we did today was plan out how the poster board is going to be!  Such a productive day 

3/20 it's psych fair day!

some subjects action shots
most of the results are saying the apple taste more like onion rather than tasting like Apple
our apples are slowly turning more brown but our experiment is still working as planned

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Group 23 - Levitation and Height Perception

Experiment:Levitation Board

Today our group received our topic experiment. We will be exploring the idea of height perception. To demonstrate this we will be using a levitation board experiment. Our plan is not final but we are sure we will be using a balance board and a blindfold to deceive a person's height perception. In class, we split up the work and plans that will be due on Thursday and got started. We look forward to sharing more on our experiment before our big day at the psych fair!

Today our group finished up the papers that are due on Thursday regarding our experiment. Tonight I just have to write a rough draft for our experiment paper which explains our experiment and compares it to other similar experiments. Our group also discussed how taking away a persons sense of sight will disturb their height perception. We also talked about how we will trick people into believing they were actually lifted in the air while blindfolded. We still have a long way to go but we are off to a great start!

Today our group discussed our rough draft, and got started on that. Besides the rough draft we have everything we need to have done this week, and are really keeping up with our work.  So far we are on the right track, have been learning a lot about the subject of our experiment, and are very excited to start designing it soon!

Today our group worked on student handout 13 and researched other experiments that can be related to ours. Finding all of the information and writing the two paragraphs took the whole entire class period.

Today our group was just finishing up our paragraphs for student handout 13. We also finished 16 and 17 so we are all caught up on our work, and will start on the new handouts tomorrow.

Today our group turned in 16 and 17, and then worked on student handout 18,19 and 20. We all talked about plans for our experiments setup and who will get what supplies and how we will make a wall to hide our "levitating" people. We are also deciding on our booth title.

Today three of our group members discussed supplies and who will get what. We finished planning our both and decided to name it "Levitation and Height Perception". We also finished handouts 18 and 20 and just have to finish up 18 by tomorrow.

Today our group designed our display board and got started on putting it together. We also wrote and finished the rough draft. We still have a lot to do with psych fair starting next Thursday!

Today our group worked on our visual for our display board. We also discussed other information that we will be putting on our board. Next week we will just have to practice the execution of our experiment and putting our display board together.

Today our group worked on our plan for the display board. We typed up our experiment explanation and got our QR code for people to scan. We also made a worksheet with follow-up questions for anyone without a smartphone.

Today our group started putting things onto our board. So far we have our boarder, group number, and our visual. Tomorrow we just need to put on our explanation, research question, graph, names, title and QR code. We will also have an interactive aspect on one end of our poster. We hope we will be ready for the parents!

Today our group finished our board. Two of our group members went to parent night and it went great! We are excited for the real deal tomorrow!

Today was the last day of psych fair and a lot of people came! Our group was busy doing levitation demonstrations nonstop almost every hour. It was funny how so many people actually believed they were being lifted into the air. The day seemed very long but it was laid back and fun as well.!