Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Group 9 - Ether the Void

heyyoo today our group found out our topic for the psychology fair is optical illusions! so we are still just starting out and getting organized. Our group today went over the different student handouts and determined who will being doing what in our group to make things easier. I will be doing the blog and each of us three will be finding a psychological study done on optical illusions to use it towards our research for our project. Leticia just started to find hers today and Nick did student handout 11 and I am about to start student handout 12 which is finding the psychological studies found by others which we are hoping to have done by Monday. Leaving us to only have number 2 on the student handout 13 and 14, and 15 to start working on Monday in class.

Today we finished student handout 11 and 12 and now we are all working on finding an experiment that has to deal with optical illusions and filling out the information they used on the experiment. Then Nick is going to type up the summary that will show our work and talk about what we are going to do for a psych fair project and the information we found from our research of different experiments used in optical illusions.

Today we are still working on student hand out 13 and finding different studies relating to our topic of optical illusions. We are all almost done finding each study leaving Nick to type up step number 2 of hand out 13 then tomorrow we will most likely be starting student hand out 14. Me and Leticia will most likely work on student handout 14 together.3/5/14
Today we finished up on handout 14 and finished handout 13 last night leaving us with only having to find the variables of our experiment. We also formed our thesis statement on handout 14 which was that there are a dominant perception in optical illusions. Then tomorrow we will start handouts 16 and 17.

Today we are filling out handouts 16 and 17 because we finished handouts 11-15 early yesterday. We are also figuring out what optical illusion we are going to use during our experiment which will most likely be figure ground illusions. We plan on having different pictures of optical illusions having participants take a survey on what images they perceive.

Our group today finished handouts 16 and 17 earlier today and now we are doing handout 19 and trying to think of a name for our booth. And plan on buying the trifold poster this weekend and bringing it Monday or Tuesday.  And most likely we will put the optical illusions on the poster with one main optical illusion for the participant to survey.

Our group today finished handouts 19 and 20 and are almost done with handout 18 with describing our activities and explaining our hypothesis. We are hoping to also have our trifold poster by tomorrow and begin deciding which illusion we want to use.

Today we finished up our last handout which was handout 18 and renamed our booth title to Enter the Void instead of What do you see? I bought the trifold poster last night and I am bringing it tomorrow to school to begin organizing the design of the poster. And we also began looking at different fore-ground images that we could use for our experiment.

Today we finished are questions that we are going to ask the participants during our experiments on the QR. We also brought in our trifold poster board today and have started deciding where we are going to put our information and images. We found 3 images also that we are going to use as our foreground images that we are going to test the participants on.

Today we are working on our poster and figuring out where we should put different images and what kind of facts we need to put on it. We printed out our main images that we are going to test participants on and plan on printing out the facts and our hypothesis tonight.

Today we are just putting everything on the poster and organizing it how we want then tonight Nick is printing out our hypothesis and information that we need on it. He plans on putting all of that on tomorrow in class then me and Lety are going to just fix anything that needs to fixed up on the poster.

heewoo so today we finished making our poster by putting all of the facts and directions to make our experiment possible. We have candy also for the participants and we are all ready for psych fair. #freuditup

Soo0o0o0o0o0o today is psych fair and things are going pretty well we are getting a lot of participants which is probably because of our candy!

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