Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Group 21 - Stroop Booth

Project: Strooping Effect

Day One: 2/28

Today, we've been assigned our project, the "Stroop Effect", and have began discussion and decisions on Student Handout 11. With one of our group out today, it's a bit difficult but we are definitely managing. With the amount given to us today, deciding where to start is a bit of a complicated notion. We've decided to focus on the experimental part of the project, the visuals in essence. We were bouncing off the ideas of the colors and the possibility of more, including other fundamentals? We're intrigued.

Day Two: 3/3

A brand new day provided renewed energy to tackle the Student Handouts. It proved to be a bit of a challenge for the split up of responsibilities in Student Handout 11, but we dispersed the jobs evenly and fairly. Student Handout 12 highlighted new information about our project that we didn't exactly begin to think about, but got it down to a point. The Stroop Effect is a mind game where colors are spelled out and shaded in another color, challenging the visual stimulation and whether or not the stimuli will affect the way we read it.

Day Three: 3/4

The most challenging of the Handouts was decidedly 13 as by far, finding the studies and combining them proved to be a bit frustrating. All in all, it's working out through the couple bumps in the road. The last of the handouts proved to be a memory reminder, refreshing information we didn't really remember but no doubt learned in Biology. Independent variables, dependent variables; all we had inclinations of what it was but had our doubts. Confusion arose on our approach on the experiment. Whether colors and words and words and colors, it was a lot to process. We identified most, grabbing the metaphorical bull(s) by the horns and got a lot of progress done today.


Without much too do with most our duties fulfilled and our group back in action, we worked on a table we'll be using during Psych Fair. The table will record both errors and number correct in both trials given to our subject, not to mention the time in the available minute we give them to identify all 10 words. Otherwise the day was uneventful with not much to do but discuss and get ready for next week.


Today we discussed the directions we'd be giving on both the trial test on our parents Wednesday as well as Thursday on the school. The main function going down in our heads were easy to nitpick what to say, whether or not it actually comes out that way when we test it out is a mystery. Tomorrow, we'll work more with our poster and get all that needs to be done, preferably.


Finished with the greater some of our experiment, we've reflected on our duties we'd have to either overcome or no doubt exhibit tomorrow night. Instructions are a focus, what to say and when to say it, but complicated in logistical sense. We're a bit nervous in respects for tomorrow night and Thursday for the fair, but sure to make it. Also, tip of the day from Christina: Don't leave a water bottle unattended.


Today our challenge was to set up our poster, the stapler proving to be a worthy obstacle. Colors were very much involved and it bought our group, speaking for myself mostly, a sense of excitement for what is to come. A little short on time in the end, we scrambled to finish the board but our spirits not discouraged. 


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