Saturday, March 1, 2014

Group 23 - Levitation and Height Perception

Experiment:Levitation Board

Today our group received our topic experiment. We will be exploring the idea of height perception. To demonstrate this we will be using a levitation board experiment. Our plan is not final but we are sure we will be using a balance board and a blindfold to deceive a person's height perception. In class, we split up the work and plans that will be due on Thursday and got started. We look forward to sharing more on our experiment before our big day at the psych fair!

Today our group finished up the papers that are due on Thursday regarding our experiment. Tonight I just have to write a rough draft for our experiment paper which explains our experiment and compares it to other similar experiments. Our group also discussed how taking away a persons sense of sight will disturb their height perception. We also talked about how we will trick people into believing they were actually lifted in the air while blindfolded. We still have a long way to go but we are off to a great start!

Today our group discussed our rough draft, and got started on that. Besides the rough draft we have everything we need to have done this week, and are really keeping up with our work.  So far we are on the right track, have been learning a lot about the subject of our experiment, and are very excited to start designing it soon!

Today our group worked on student handout 13 and researched other experiments that can be related to ours. Finding all of the information and writing the two paragraphs took the whole entire class period.

Today our group was just finishing up our paragraphs for student handout 13. We also finished 16 and 17 so we are all caught up on our work, and will start on the new handouts tomorrow.

Today our group turned in 16 and 17, and then worked on student handout 18,19 and 20. We all talked about plans for our experiments setup and who will get what supplies and how we will make a wall to hide our "levitating" people. We are also deciding on our booth title.

Today three of our group members discussed supplies and who will get what. We finished planning our both and decided to name it "Levitation and Height Perception". We also finished handouts 18 and 20 and just have to finish up 18 by tomorrow.

Today our group designed our display board and got started on putting it together. We also wrote and finished the rough draft. We still have a lot to do with psych fair starting next Thursday!

Today our group worked on our visual for our display board. We also discussed other information that we will be putting on our board. Next week we will just have to practice the execution of our experiment and putting our display board together.

Today our group worked on our plan for the display board. We typed up our experiment explanation and got our QR code for people to scan. We also made a worksheet with follow-up questions for anyone without a smartphone.

Today our group started putting things onto our board. So far we have our boarder, group number, and our visual. Tomorrow we just need to put on our explanation, research question, graph, names, title and QR code. We will also have an interactive aspect on one end of our poster. We hope we will be ready for the parents!

Today our group finished our board. Two of our group members went to parent night and it went great! We are excited for the real deal tomorrow!

Today was the last day of psych fair and a lot of people came! Our group was busy doing levitation demonstrations nonstop almost every hour. It was funny how so many people actually believed they were being lifted into the air. The day seemed very long but it was laid back and fun as well.!

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