Tuesday, March 4, 2014

group 26 - Monocular Mario

So today (3/19/14) kyle has the poster done but he left it at his house. he checked and his N64 does work so we will be in business tomorrow. lets hope things go smoothly tomorrow.

so today (3/20/14) is the big day and so far no problems we are finding out that two eyes are working better then one eye. A few times today one eye has done better then both eyes. I'm still confused on how to upload videos and pictures. But i will figure it out. so far im suprised that a girl has the best time of the day
    So far my group is having a blast doing this because the experiment we are doing is fun. From what i have been seeing people are having fun doing this experiment. It is also fun to see some of the reactions of people doing our experiment. The one big problem we have been seeing is that we are having a big crowed around and its just confusing who is up next. AS the day went on we got more bored.

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