Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 27 - Smell Your Way to Better Grades

Day 1: First day for the preparation of psych fair in class we received what project were doing, our project is called "Smell your way to better grades". My partner and I have a good understanding to what we are suppose to do. Our teacher gave us a ton of papers that need to be accomplished with in the next week, they all seem pretty easy and not so hard to finish. We began comparing our experiments to other experiments by searching in Google the closet thing that compares to our project. Not many things popped up but we can take bits by bits and add on to make our experiment. Day one has come to end and it seems like the rest of our project will be pretty easy.

Day 2: Second day on our projects, everyone working hard and tedious. Were beginning the sheets assigned to us to finish and due Thursday. We finished the thesis for our essay and we are going to begin our rough draft. We are using Google allot but the point of using Google is to figure out ways to make our project better and more interesting.

Day 3: Our third day and were beginning to put together the packet of papers that are due, we had to compare things and show the effects a certain variable had on our project, simple but makes a person think and go back into what we learned in Psychology 1. My partner Amanny isn't here but we had discussed what we thought should be done by the end of Tuesday and isn't hard to complete.

Day 4: We are working on student handouts 11-15 because they are due tomorrow. We are really struggling with student handout 13 because it is very hard. 

Day 5: Student handout 11-15 are due by the end of class today. We are done with them but I am still working on student handout 13. Amanny is working on student handout 16 and 17 because they are due tomorrow.

Day 6: Student handout 16 and 17 are due by the end of class today. We are finishing up a couple questions and decisions that need to be made about our experiment. 

Day 7: I was absent from the group but my partner Amanny kept me up to date by texting me and making sure we stay on task and that i have the rough draft done for Tuesday, that was apart of my job, and she bought the poster that was for out booth, at this moment me missing class really didn't effect the way we work because we were still up to date. 

Day 8: Today I was back and Amanny was explaining what we did yesterday, the rough draft was due with our checklist and we have our poster ready and set to begin, i have to print out words for the poster and pictures that go with our booth. 

Day 9: We are working on our poster we has to set up a checklist of all the things we have to do, psych fair is close and we have to be quick and efficient in the things we do so we can be done and prepared for it.
Day 10: Its almost psych fair time, things are moving quick and things are due. We bought chocolate for the reward for our participants. We are finishing our posters, on ours we put things that have meaning to our project. 
Day 11: We finished out poster and everything is set and ready tomorrow is night psych fair when the parents attend our project and see all the hard work that was put into it. 
Day12: Today s the big day the first day we have people coming to see our work. Mr.Vuillaume  explained the step by step that has to occur during the psych fair for the parents. During class he allowed us to add final touch to our posters and let us figure out how will do everything. We have to come into school at 5, parents come to school at 6. We get in at school around 5 and we enter the PAC foyer this is where we start. We pick a table that we will conduct our project on. We put a table cloth on to start we place our poster on the table standing up. Then we place the QR codes basically the participants will be asked to scan it and answer a survey that corresponds to the project. It hits 6 o'clock and we have to begin, everyone is nervous to begin their projects, Amanny and I are doing our project and feel confident doing it. People are coming to our booth we ask them to step to Amanny, Amanny then tells them im going to read you a series of 25 words and then im going to ask you to write them down on a piece of paper. They then conduct what was asked, they then are asked to step down to my side of the table and then i ask then to smell the scented variable and then i ask them to remember the 25 words that are the same as before, with the scented people seem to remember more then without the scent. The day has came to end we put our poster down and begin along day tomorrow, we had many people come to our table today, they did pretty good and the results have been consistent throughout.
Day 13: Psych Fair is here! Everyone is pretty calm, everyone is setting up and trying to make sure everything is perfect. Posters are being put up, chocolate is placed everyone is walking around wishing everyone luck. Let the day begin, it was pretty slow in the beginning and then a flood of kids came it was hectic and fun to see kids reaction and wonder how it worked. At the end of the day we had a good outcome no more candy was left and we had our surveys done and listed and ready to do a report. Psych Fair has come to an end it was really fun doing and made our minds work, id love yo do it and my partner and i had a fun time working together. 

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