Friday, February 28, 2014

Group 7 - Change Blindness

Thursday March 20
Wednesday March 19
2 members were absent but the project was finished. Parent night went really well and they really enjoyed the experiment.
Tuesday March 18
Completed the poster according to a diagram we all worked up.
Monday March 17
Handouts are finished and working on materials needed to complete poster, moving along:)
Friday March 14
finalized the materials needed for experiment and we are ready to put it together!
Thursday March 13
Finished up rough draft
Wednesday March 12
Began our rough draft
Tuesday March 11
We thought of materials that would be needed to complete our experiment and did more brainstorming of the poster.
Monday March 10
Were working on completing the rest of handouts
Friday March 7
We completed handouts 16&17
Thursday March 6
Finished handout 15
Wednesday March 5
Finished up SH 13 and 15.
Tuesday March 4
Worked on Student handout 13. This assignment consists of a related experiment to ours. We chose the vanderbilt university experiment to compare and contrast to ours. Things are going smoothly.
Monday March 3
Completed Student handouts 11,12 and 14. SH 11 is assigning the workload between the group. We chose to do most of the work together but split up some of the final essay.
Friday Feb 28
Decided on the topic of change blindness. Were getting excited to start the psych fair. Today we just pitched experiment ideas and worked some kinks out.

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