Sunday, January 12, 2014

Directions for Psychology Fair Blog

Psychology Fair Blog

During the course of the psychology fair unit it is your groups responsibility to document your groups progress.  Each day you should update your blog post with relevant pictures, video's, and descriptions that help show the progress and evolution of your project.  

1.  To start the blog post your will need to click the "New Post" button located on the left side.  

2.  This will open up an editor in which you can input text, pictures, hyperlinks, and video into a page format.

3.  The Post title for your blog post should be formatted as follows - "Experiment Name" - Group Members Last Name.

4.  Each day you will edit your post.  You will not create a new post each day! Simple edit your original post each day.  Think of this like a journal of what you have done each day.  

5.  Its important that you click the "Update" button located in the upper left hand side when done.  

Some Items you might want to include in your post:
  • Explanation of your project.  Remember those who are reading this blog know nothing about your project.
  • Hyperlinks to Psych Fair assignments that have been handed in.  
  • Video's of your group working.
  • Background info on your project.
  •  Share hyperlinks to resources that you think might help others.
  • Your thoughts and feelings on the project as you go.  If you are having a hard time or hit a road block feel free to share your frustrations.  Also feel free to share your successes.
  • Don't forget to share how the day of the fair went.  

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